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What I’ve Been Stealing


I am using this tutorial to make a few t’s and dresses:

I’ve been making some baby onesies… and, honestly, there was no need to steal the ideas, but here’s the type of personalization I’m doing…

I’ve also been doing a few like these…

(But, it should be no shock that mine are more cheeky than pretty)

The other thing that I’ve been making is taggies… I don’t know where I stole this idea from, but here’s a tutorial for you.

(It should be noted that mine are not nearly as fancy as the ones in this link. And I’ve never done a personalized version. But, they’re still soft, cuddly & have a variety of textures for baby.)

Next time, I’ll share a few of my own photos…

But, this way maybe you can be inspired to make a little something on your own!

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